Paid Bar Crawl Event in Fort Lauderdale

Join Our Paid To Bar Crawl “PartyLink Mob”

Participate in our bar crawl on 2nd street in downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you love bar crawls and love meeting new people, then why not join our bar crawl and get paid for helping us spread the word about our new $2 Drinks bar crawl shuttle bus ——>>>

Why Should You Join The “PartyLink Mob”

  • Get Dollar Drinks and Meet New Friends
  • Get Paid $20+ Per Hour While Bar Hopping ($2 Per Person You Get To Download The App)
  • Get A Free PartyLink T-Shirt
  • Get Free PartyLink Promotional Items and Special Deals
  • Have The Time of Your Life Every Weekend And Get Paid To Do It

A Typical Night Of A “PartyLink Mob” Member

Stage 1 – The Night Begins

We typically start the night at a restaurant or bar around 9pm on a Friday or Saturday night and spend an hour or so socializing within the mob and having a few drinks while everyone gets registered.

Here we will pass out Free PartyLink T-shirts to the mob.

You must wear your PartyLink T-shirt to get paid to bar hop but you are always welcome to just party with the mob if getting paid to help us promote PartyLink is not your thing.

Stage 2 – We Unleash The Mob

We send out the mob in small groups to wander the streets and bar hop on their own for about an hour so they can spread the word about PartyLink and get people to download the app.

For every person that you get to download the app, you will get paid $2 (talk to just 10 people an hour and you will be making $20 an hour to bar hop!) After everyone in your group has earned plenty of money(The Max Paid Per Night, Per Person is $200 For 100 New Downloads), your group will meet the rest of the “PartyLink Mob” at the “Tonight’s Party” Location in the app to party the rest of the night.

Stage 3 – Tonight’s Party Begins

Around 11pm, the mob will start reassembling itself at the “Tonight’s Party” location listed in the app.

You will have the time of your life as you join many of the new friends you just recruited as well as other PartyLink users from all over the city. Enjoy the event for the rest of the night and come back next time!

Who Can Join The PartyLink Mob?

Anyone who is 21+ and loves to bar hop and would be great at talking to new people about getting “Dollar Drinks” with the PartyLink app can join the mob by registering using the form below.

You Can Bring Your Friend, Grandmother, or Crazy Uncle as long as you register them below.

After you join, you will be notified of the location and time of the next “Mob Meetup” by text message, you can also find out event information on our FACEBOOK PAGE HERE

If you can’t attend that one, no worries, once you are registered you will be invited to every event.

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