How To Ride The PartyLink Shuttle Bus

On the Night of the event, when you open the PartyLink mobile app, a map will appear that shows the current location of the shuttle and the venues for tonight’s nightlife tour.

Map of Shuttle

If you click on any of the venue markers you can find out more information about the venue.

To Hop-on The PartyLink Shuttle

Monitor the realtime location of the PartyLink shuttle with the PartyLink mobile app, which can be downloaded HERE.  

Hop-on and Hop-off at any venue and stay for as long as you wish before going to your next venue. The shuttle will stop for 5 minutes at each venue and cease operating at 1:00 am.

You can purchase tickets in advance or pay by credit card as you board the shuttle.

The shuttle will travel on a continuous loop where you can Hop-on and Hop-off as often as you like near the FRONT ENTRANCE of any venue location.



Why pay 3 times as much for a night out when you can get $2 drinks and be Chauffeured around the safe way without having to drink and drive.

To find the current schedule and pricing, download the PartyLink mobile app

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