Referral Program

PartyLink is a mobile app that allows customers to get their first drink at a bar or restaurant for $1, then they pay full price for any additional food or beverage purchases.

The venue is charged a $1 fee each time a dollar drink redemption is made at their venue and a customer can only redeem a single $1 drink per day.

Earn a $10,000 to $30,000 a Year Bonus!

How. Provide our sales team with an introduction to the bar or restaurant that you currently work for by having them register for a “Dollar Drinks” account at or by having them call our sales team at 1-844-VENUE

After a successful account setup, call us and tell us you were responsible for the introduction and we will setup a commission account for you.

Help Your Venue Get More Customers. Offer a dollar drink to at least 5 customers at your venue per day by having them download the PartyLink app. (Customers also usually leave a larger tip for introducing them to the app).

Now the Magic Begins. You will personally receive 50 cents of every dollar drink redeemed at your venue AND every other venue on the network in the entire nation. FOREVER.

Yes, You Read That Correctly. If you served a drink to a customer and they used PartyLink 10 years ago and they buy a drink today at any PartyLink Dollar Drink Location in the nation, you will still earn .50 cents for that drink.

Earn From Coworkers. You will be the only person we work with at your venue, but you can pool your coworkers together and get them to offer dollar drinks, you will earn money from any customer that downloads PartyLink at your venue, regardless of who tells them to use PartyLink.

How Many Customers do You Serve in a Single Day?


Do You Think They Would Want Dollar Drinks Any Time, Any Day?


Imagine if you earned .50 cents every time any of them went anywhere in the future! Forever


Tell your venue about and get them to register.


They get a 60% increase in same customer visits.


You get a huge check every month.

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