Sunset Bar and Grill – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sunset Bar & Grill is a hip little joint in the up-and-coming Northwood district where people come to relax and having a great time with their friends and family. The place inhabits a cute little pink house and is grandly decorated inside with umbrellas and lanterns of all kinds. The wine selection they have is excellent and is available at decent rates. The owner as well as other staff members are trained and well educated about what is popular in wine segment. They will handpick the best wines for you if you like.

At Sunset Bar & Grill you will find a very cozy and romantic kind of ambience and atmosphere, making it an ideal place to bring your date for a good meal and quality wines. The décor as well as the lighting is impressive with beautiful chairs and tables. You will feel like you have stepped in a neighborhood wine bar is Paris itself. Adding to the charm of the place are the customers that usually come here. They are mostly nice and fun loving. You will feel free to strike a conversation with them and the aura will let you loosen up and get your hair down.

At the booth area you will find a beautiful chandelier and beautiful paintings adorning the walls. The space inside is also sufficient to accommodate the largest group of people. At nights especially the place is enveloped in beautiful mild lights which impart a magical appeal to the place. From the windows you will be able to see the city life in progression while you enjoy your food surrounded by a bunch of lovely people.

For the kind of beautiful place Sunset Bar & Grill is their prices are amazingly great. The staff here is extremely cordial and loving and they really work hard to ensure that their guests are having a great time. There are not many restaurants out there which care so much about their patrons. Not only you will find great food here, you will also get to meet many wonderful people who come here.

Events of all kinds such as live performances and offers on food and drinks take place at Sunset Bar & Grill every now and then, and you can drop by any time of the week to engage in any of these. Ideal for both quality time with family or a fun night with friends Sunset Bar & Grill is a place you can always count on for a memorable experience.


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