Rusty Beaver Brewery – Ruther Glen, VA

Located just off of Interstate 95 between Richmond and Fredericksburg in Ladysmith, VA Rusty Beaver Brewery is a quality place for people who love quality beer. The brewery was founded in June 2013, and has always operated with a passion to brew great local beers by sourcing the finest quality ingredients available and creating craft recipes that highlight the best qualities of those ingredients. Everyone is heartily welcome to the tasting room here, to enjoy a flight or pint or take a 32oz or 64oz growler to go.

Here at Rusty Beaver, they produce only unfiltered and unpasteurized ales. This old world style insures the need to stay local and keep the brews fresh. No filtering means the beer needs to stay cold to insure its great taste. No pasteurization means that their ales are a fresh, natural product that can only be sold locally! Some of their most amazing beers that you should absolutely try include-

  • Buck Tooth “Big Bite” IPA – An American IPA with floral aroma and a bitter finish. Brewed with Pale and 40L Caramel Malt. The hop bill includes Citra, Mosaic, Green Bullet, and Crystal.
  • Quake Stout – An Imperial Stout named for the 8/23/11 Earthquake in Mineral, VA that shut down the Washington Monument and shook the barn good in Beaverdam! The Quake is brewed with a Malt bill of English Muttons Pearl Pale Malt, Black and Chocolate Malt with a hop bill of Magnum, Cascade and Williamette.
  • Top Down Summer Ale – It is a delicious Blonde Summer Session Ale. With Zesty and Herbal hints, you can enjoy this brew all day long.
  • Fugged Up Amber Ale – An Amber Ale brewed with Fuggle Hops that drinks easy with smooth malty tones, a robust English character and a biscuity finish. Easy drinking for those days when you’ve had all the excitement/ drama/ stress/ BS you can take… It’s time to get Fugged Up!

It is one thing to brew a delicious beer in a mass production, a beer that is devoid of any kind of personal tough, and a whole another thing to carefully brew a small batch with attentive, love, are passion. Rusty Beaver Brewery is the epitome of delicious craft beers that are full of energy and passion. Even if you have never tried craft beers before you must check this place out! You will be amazed!

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