Dicey Riley’s Bar and Restaurant – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dicey Riley’s Bar & Restaurant is an Irish style pub where you will find fun loving crowd, cool live bands and DJs for best entertainment. While mainly an Irish club Dicey Riley’s Bar & Restaurant plays all kinds of cool music genres including top 40s, 90s, and 80s. Basically, anything that could bring the dance out of the patrons is played at the pub. The DJs at the bar are talented and know what the crowd needs. They even have a small stage on top for the girls to dance on who want some space away from the crowd.

At Dicey Riley’s Bar & Restaurant you will find two main bars, one inside, and one half in and half out. One side of the outer bar actually faces outward into the street, so you can sit on barstools outside if the place is crowded, or if too many people are dancing inside, which is a nice little design twist. It also lightens up some of the bar traffic on the other side. They even let you take your drinks with you out of the bar which is great since then you don’t have to chug something you just bought or chuck it in the bin website here.

The drinks at Dicey Riley’s Bar & Restaurant are cheap and great. You don’t even have to pay any cover charge, which is great. There is neither pretentiousness nor any drama here. You can be yourself, wear whatever you feel like, and enjoy your night with others. It is in fact one of the things that makes Dicey Riley’s Bar & Restaurant a popular low key hangout places of Fort Lauderdale.

Music at Dicey Riley’s Bar & Restaurant is simply awesome. They play varied kinds of music, and the crowd gets its say too, which keeps the dance floor active all the time. You will find friendly and fun loving people which you can get to know and have fun with. The décor inside the place is also great. They have these beautiful small chandeliers and big LED TVs on which you can catch latest sports action or watch music videos while you have your drinks.

Whether you are looking for a great place to throw a birthday party or spend some quality time with your date or friends Dicey Riley’s Bar & Restaurant is just the place for you.



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