Legend’s Pub – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Legend’s Pub is a trendy dive bar located in the heart of the Fort Lauderdale area just across the street from Port Royale. The place is frequented by people from all walks of life, and you will find a very intimate and comfortable atmosphere here. Smoking is allowed inside the establishment so if you like smoking you can have a great time here since you can also have some really good drinks to go with that. The furniture, bar, and even the bathrooms are quite clean, which is not that common with other bars and restaurants around the area.

You will be able to have some really premium quality drinks at Legend’s Pub at reasonable prices. They even serve most branded beers by the bottle. The bartenders and other staff members at the place are super friendly and love to provide best service to their customers. Since Legend’s Pub is a neighborhood bar you will find a very casual and informal atmosphere here, and you are free to relax and chill the way you like without worrying about others judging you. The people who come here are also quite friendly and you might actually end up befriending one or two of them here.

The inside décor of Legend’s Pub is impressive. There is a wall here on which they have put dozens of framed photographs of celebrities for you to check out. It is quite impressive. They have darts and TV screens so that you can catch the latest sports action on the go.  The seating arrangement is creative and a lot of space is available so you can also come along with your friends to the place if you like.

You will find a very warm and friendly kind of atmosphere at Legend’s Pub. The usual clientele they receive is good natured and lively. Whether you decide to spend some quality time with your friends over brunch or simply decide to have a couple of drinks all by yourself in a comfortable environment to unwind and relax Legend’s Pub offers a good option. They even have a good parking space for you. Their service is timely and the drinks are quite inexpensive. You won’t find the kind of atmosphere they have anywhere else. Pay a visit to Legend’s Pub any day, you won’t regret it.



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