Downtown Cigar Bar – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Downtown Cigar Bar is a contemporary and chic cigar bar where everyone from a novice cigar smoker to an expert cigar smoker can come to enjoy premium quality hand rolled cigars. The place offers a very cozy and comfortable atmosphere without the unnecessary noise and crowd. The lighting is soothing and relaxing, and the staff itself is quite friendly and warm. You can always come here to have some quality time with your friends and smoke cigars.

Located close to Las Olas Boulevard in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale, the Downtown Cigar Bar has a modern air purification and extraction system which gets rid of unwanted cigar smoke to provide a neat indoor smoking experience.

The bar was established in 2015 by a lifelong cigar smoker who wanted to follow his passion, and as fate would have it the place is already quite popular among the locals and tourists alike, despite the fact that the place is new. Whether it is the state of the art sound system, perfect interiors and seating system, or simply the atmosphere, the bar is already making a huge success and a huge profit too.

Sporting a modern and trendy décor, the Downtown Cigar Bar offers a great place for one to unwind after a  long day. The bar is well stocked with many well known brands and boutique blends. They have large leather chairs inside where you can relax comfortably and smoke cigars. If you want to play then they have domino tables too. Huge TV panels adorn the walls and are available for sports aficionados who don’t want to miss the latest updates on sports events. As far as wines are concerned they have a good selection of seasonal wines and also offer wine by the glass or bottle service.

The Downtown Cigar Bar is one of the best places cigar lovers can hang out at. Even if you don’t like smoking cigars you will still love this place since the atmosphere alone is quite relaxing and comforting. Plus, you can always try their drinks and snacks. Despite being very popular, the place has a very decent price list on all the items they offer. You can get some of the most premium cigars at unbelievable prices. The best thing about smoking here is that you are allowed to bring your own cigars.

Downtown Cigar Bar

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