Clematis Street West Palm Beach FL Nightlife

Clematis Street of West Palm Beach has its own share of nightlife. You will find several clubs and pubs here where people from all ages and backgrounds come to party and have fun with the nocturnal people of West Palm Beach. Some of these places include Monarchy Nightclub, Off the Hookah, etc.

Monarchy Nightclub is the place for you if you are looking for great music, great food, and great drinks at affordable prices. The place has great music for all kinds of dancers. Not only it is aptly loud, but they have a great D.J. who knows what the crowd wants. The acoustics inside the establishment are so good that you can really “feel” the beat in your whole body. Whether you are with your friends or are alone you can certainly enjoy here.

Located down town in Palm Beach County at 314 Clematis Street Off the Hookah is another of West Palm Beach’s Premier Nightlife destination. Inside the establishment you will find plenty of space to dance and have a great time. They have both indoor as well as outdoor dance floor, each having separate DJs. While the indoor features mainly club/hip hop/top40 music the latter features house/techno music. Depending on your mood you can choose either and enjoy your night.

If you love beers then the World of Beer is the perfect place for you in Clematis Street. With over 50 craft beers on tap, over 500 in the cooler and a menu of tasty tavern fare that’s hand crafted to go perfectly with the beer this place would make you keep coming back for more. They have some really informative and knowledgeable staff members there who are always happy to guide their patrons to choose the perfect drinks. When the pubs and clubs lose their charm then the World of Beer can certainly bring a fresh change.

Clematis Street of West Palm Beach has a very active and interesting night life. When the city goes to sleep Clematis Street comes to life. People come here one by one and stir up the things and the party starts. If you haven’t been to this place at night then you really don’t know how exactly is the night life of West Palm Beach.



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