Elk Mountain Brewing Co – Parker, CO

Elk Mountain Brewing Co is a wonderful place with a nice open airy location (not some small stuffy brewpub here). It has a really nice atmosphere, and has servers that are very kind, patient, and knowledgeable. While no food is available on-site aside from popcorn, they do have events periodically where the BBQ or bring in pizza, etc. It’s a very local vibe, which is certainly admirable. The facility is not right on Parker road but really close so it’s easy to slip in and out. As for the beers, you couldn’t ask for a better selection!

Inside EMBC they have a pretty large space with lots of tables and a large bar. There are TVs to watch the game, and they do provide some board games for you to entertain yourself when drinking. If you are curious about the beers the staff is always willing to answer your questions. They are really knowledgeable and you will be impressed by the information they have.

EMBC has a variety of beers that are offered year-round in the tap room and for takeout in either a Growler (64 ounces) or a Howler (32 ounces). The current selection includes the following brews-

  • Wild Wapiti Wheat – Vibrant and refreshingly light, this unfiltered German wheat is packed with lively flavors of citrus, clove and banana. Its sparkling mouthfeel and friendly flavor make it a sure hit for any crowd.
  • Rock Slide Amber- Rounded by a malty backdrop of caramel and biscuit notes, this German-inspired amber ale opens up with earthy tones of toasty bitterness and finishes with a slight sweetness.
  • Elk Horn Stout – Decadent layers of mocha and chocolate mousse interweave in this creamy American stout, giving it a full body and smooth lasting finish.
  • Ute Bill Pale Ale – Straw colored and pleasantly aromatic, this lustrous pale ale delivers a crisp lemon hop punch, with a softened light malty finish.

One of the best things about Elk Mountain is the owner Tom. He is totally laid back and cool. He is not an egomaniac just because he brews delightful beer. He makes everybody feel like part of the family. In fact everyone here from the staff to the patrons are quite friendly and you will yourself feel quite comfortable here. It is really amazing!

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