Howler Indie Rock Band

Howler is an indie rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band’s lineup consists of Jordan Gatesmith on lead guitar and vocals, Ian Nygaard on guitar, and Rory MacMurdo on drums. The band was formed in 2010 by Jordan Gatesmith and today it is one of the most popular bands on a global level. In fact, NME named it their no. 3 Best New Band of 2011 and included Jordan Gatesmith in their 2011 Cool List.

Howler was a result of sheer boredom as Jordon decided to break the monotonousness of life and formed the band with former member Daniel Hupp. However, it is interesting that he had formed various other bands in the past as well, although they all didn’t last for long. “I was starting bands what seemed like every other week,” states Gatesmith. “We had a metal band for a while. We had one called Gay Animals, another called A-Cups, but none of them really lasted that long”. Fortunately, Howler was a big success. The band was welcomed by the people with a lot of love.

Howler made its first appearance at a Farmer’s Market and found considerable financial success. “People thought the lyrics were really funny and they thought that we were being cute and kind of snide all at the same time. They’re like, ‘Well that’s interesting.’ “ Gatesmith said in an interview.

The first EP (“This One’s Different”) of Howler was released on 14th Feb, 2011. While some believed that the band was not mature enough yet Gatesmith had faith in the band. A freelance writer Jon Garret watched the band perform at their EP release show and realized that the band had potential. “I guess what really drew me to them was Jordan just really had this phenomenal stage presence that I don’t see very often, especially in younger bands.” He said.

Soon after Howler’s EP release Garret decided to send it to a London-based record company Rough Trade Records without the band’s knowledge. RTR was impressed by the band and signed it for a record deal in 2011. After that there was no looking back for the band. They started supporting other bands, released more albums and singles, and continued to garner more and more fans. Their latest album World of Joy was released in 2014 and is still popular among their fans.

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