Birdsong Brewing – Charlotte, NC

There is a reason Birdsong is one of the most popular breweries around the area- the brewery is the complete package. They have great beer and a great atmosphere- dog friendly people and staff, free peanuts, picnic tables and open space, you get the drift. There’s ton’s of room in the tap room with a unique spoke-like high top setup and then lower tables skirting the outside of the floor next to the windows. There are so many windows and the light coming in from outside is beautiful and a nice connection with the outdoor seating area. The bar area is also super cool, with tons of seating and chalkboard space to advertise their brews and what’s going on in the space.

The parking situation is pretty decent at Birdsong Brewing. Keep in mind though that the place had opened not so long ago so of course it’s going to be a bit crowded for a while. They have their own lots and unless it’s totally packed you can find a spot without too much hassle. There are community tables set up in the middle of the place which makes for a great environment to meet up with a group of friends or meet some new ones. The bar is off to the left and is well-sized to suit the needs of the customers.

There is a good variety of both year-long and seasonal beers at Birdsong Brewing. The former includes Free Will Pale Ale, Lazy Bird Brown, etc. and the latter has Honey Pie Double IPA, Up On The Sun Saison, and more. Their Jalapeño Pale (available year long) is in a class by itself. Using their Free Will Pale as a foundation, they add a generous amount of fresh, hand-cut jalapeños mixed with a hint of fun! The drink is refreshing, crisp, and pairs well with the peanuts they have for you for free. Another great drink to try is Say it To My Face, which is a delicious red IPA inspired by some of their favorite West Coast beers. With toasted malt flavors and a medium hop bitterness, you’ll find a pleasant in-your-face hop aroma that’s amazing.

Fun always finds its place at Birdsong Brewing. They have some really cool and friendly people working here who will ensure that you are comfortable and are having a great time. Plus, the prices are just about right so you will never feel overcharged.

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