Light the Lamp Brewery- Grayslake, IL

Light the Lamp is an awesome little brewery owned by people who actually care about their customers. Since quite some time they have been putting out some of the most solid brews in a very cozy corner unit of an apartment building. They are truly hockey fans and they craft different styles of beer all year round so you’ll have to check out their website to know what their latest offerings are. As you enter the establishment, you will see tons of Hawks and hockey related items all over the room. They have high top tables, regular tables, a bar and a lounge couch which makes the place complete and offers an ideal atmosphere to sip some really great beers and watch sports on TVs.

Light the Lamp encourages you to bring your own food from home or buy some at the local food joints in the area, since they only serve beer. However, you can even have food delivered here, and many people actually often order pizzas. At any rate, you will get napkins/plates/utensils from Light the Lamp just in case you didn’t get any. If you just want to drink, they do offer unlimited fresh popcorn to go with it, which is pretty cool.

There are 3 flat screen TVs at Light the Lamp so everyone is able to watch and they have speakers all around the room which ensures that you miss not one single piece of commentary and action. Their bathroom is a shared one, which is not a big deal since the place doesn’t get that crowded. The service is exceptional and you will get very friendly kind of vibes from the servers. They will ensure that you are comfortable and will keep a check on whether you have everything you need. In short, you will feel like you never left your home.

There is a decent variety of brews at Light the Lamp Brewery. You can try their Red Line Ale which has a strong malt backbone with a great amount of hop bitterness and aroma to balance it all out and is brewed with English and American malts. Or you can also try the American Ale which features a nice balance of specialty malts and hops. There are many other types of beer too, which you can find out when you check this place out.

Light the Lamp 10 N Lake St., Grayslake, IL  Phone 847-752-8489

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