Bottle Tree Beer Co- Tryon, NC

At Bottle Tree Beer Co they believe it is a shame to see traditions being wiped off from the Southern landscape, and want to do their part to revive folk art and customs. Their goal is to bring quality beers to the Southeast, and help by doing their bit to recognize beer as a quality product worthy of being served in the finest establishments, and enjoyed by everyone. They are committed to bringing the Southeast, the highest quality world-class beers, using the finest ingredients, a whole lot of imagination, for the people from all corners of the world.

Bottle Tree Beer Co has a fair share of award winning quality beers under their belt. These include Velvet wee heavy which won the blue ribbon in Pisgah Organic Pro Am event in 2009, Ruby Irish Red which won the Red Ribbon in Puget Sound pro Am in 2009, Ginger Pale Ale that won Gold Medallion in West Virginia Mountain Brewers Open 2003, and more. With these kinds of accomplishments you can imagine the kind of commitment and dedication they have for their business and the kind of beers they offer.

With a vision of creating some of the finest beers of the Southeast region, Bottle Tree Beer Co has made use of high impact packaging which comes with a recognizable branding that always attract customers. And since they use top notch ingredients and well balanced hand crafted beers, their customers are always coming back for more. All of their beers can be easily and aptly paired with food items such as meats like deer, wild game, lambs, pork, etc. Along with this you can serve potatoes, sauces, cheese, etc. Even sea food such as scallops, salmon, crabs, etc. go along with it.

Bottle Tree Beer Co has a fine establishment. you will find some of the most friendly staff members here. They are even quite frank with their brewing processes and would love to tell you more about it. You will also find a number of attractive decorative items around the facility such as the bottle trees, which are literally trees with colorful bottles for the branch endings. Drinking beers here is a whole new experience, and doesn’t matter whether you are with friends or family you will love every moment spent here.

Bottle Tree 10 N Trade St, Tryon, NC 28782

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