Rock Bottom Brewery – Cincinnati, OH

Rock Bottom Brewery has been around for a long time, relative to some of the other restaurants around downtown that come and go, and is a great place to swing by for lunch or before a red’s game or some other great event. At Rock Bottom Brewery they like to keep things simple. There are no marketing gimmicks and no tricks to overcharge you or to make profit while compromising on quality. The staff is great, and so are the brews. You can enjoy some of the most original and creative beers here with your friends in a cool and friendly atmosphere.

The inside of Rock Bottom Brewery is softly lit and has a lot of space for seating. You will feel like you have room to stretch out without bumping into someone, in contrast to the relatively close quarters of other packed restaurants downtown and in OTR. While the location is great the atmosphere is special because you’re able to see the brewery right in the middle. The interior of the restaurant is very appealing too. While they don’t have a private dining option, they can accommodate smaller parties for events such as birthdays, reunions, department get-togethers and the likes. The staff is friendly and professional and you won’t face any troubles in successfully pulling off the event you want.

Basically, to sum it up Rock Bottom Brewery is a fun spot to go with friends and family. They have got all the basic American food, at great prices. The beer menu is awesome and you can sit either inside or outside. The pricing is fair and while the place is usually busy, it is not busy enough to where you have to wait. You can come here any number of times you want, you will find excellent service always.

Rock Bottom Brewery has got some of the best quality beers around the area. While the Specialty Dark is a rotating selection of unique stouts, porters and other special dark beers, the Red Ale is flavorful and complex, which balances lightly toasted malt notes with robust and fruity crystal hops. Also, they have the food that goes perfectly well with the beers, so you have everything under the same roof. There are not many places like Rock Bottom Brewery and you must check it out.

Rock Bottom Brewery – Cincinnati, OH

Address: 10 Fountain Sq. Cincinnati, OH 45202

Phone: 513-621-1588

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