Rock Bottom Brewery – Long Beach, CA

Rock Bottom Brewery is a great place to grab a drink and some quality food at any time of the day. The place is not crowded at all, which is surprising since they have great offerings at low prices. At any rate, this works in their favor since people love coming here just to relax with a beer, and a big crowd could be a turn off. They brew their own beer here and it is always fantastic to try the many different brews they craft. The food they offer is good. However, the bar food they have, such as the jumbo pretzels, are totally awesome.

Happy hours at Rock Bottom Brewery are 10 to closing everyday, and their handcrafted beers are as little as $4. The bartenders are all nice and make it a point to remember you. You would not expect to pay such low prices for the quality you receive from a place like this that is on Ocean Blvd in downtown Long Beach. They could charge a lot more, considering the business customers that work and live around there. However, it is their generosity and good nature which has gained them the love of hundreds of people who have become their loyal patrons.

There’s beer, and then there’s the beer at Rock Bottom Brewery: clean, organic, and brewed in-house by your local boss of beer with the finest of ingredients. Before they slide the first pint glass down the bar, the Rock Bottom Brewmaster has to give it the nod. If he doesn’t like it, the pint will never touch your lips.  Where else would you find a quality check of such a high degree? For Rock Bottom Brewery quality and customer satisfaction come first and monetary profits second. That’s why all of their beers taste like heaven, which will leave you wanting for more.

There are all kinds of great drinks to be found at Rock Bottom Brewery. They have cocktails, beers, and wines too. Their bartenders are super friendly and cool people. They will love to recommend cocktails and drinks according to your tastes and preferences. You can also get some good bar snacks to go with your beers or wines. They have starters, house favorites, burgers, salads, and even desserts. Every single item is handcrafted and prepared to perfection. So, don’t waste time and give Rock Bottom Brewery a shot today!

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