Cambridge Brewing Co- Cambridge, MA

Cambridge Brewing Co is a nationally acclaimed and locally cherished brewing destination that has been at the forefront of the Pub Brewery movement since its beginning in 1989. With the main focus on high quality craft beers and seasonally inspired New England fare the company has garnered numerous accolades and a devoted clientele all through the years. They have a professional team of brewers which crafts a wide array of traditional, new American and even experimental beers. Cambridge Brewing Co was also the first commercial brewery in America to produce a Belgian beer. Their barrel cellar was one of the first of its kind that created wood aged beers and utilized micro flora to enhance flavors. Innovation and creativity is at the core of Cambridge Brewing Co, and these are also the things which make it stand out from the rest of the breweries of Cambridge.

All the beers you will find at Cambridge Brewing Co are flavor-forward using only water, malt, hops, and yeast. Their profiles of caramel notes, hops, light malt, and roast, respectively, offer something for everyone no matter their tastes and preferences. Their single-batch beers and seasonal beers allow them to use a greater range of ingredients, processes, and creative liberty as they strive to authentically recreate many kinds of beers from around the world that bear historical significance. Whether it is a simple classic pilsner, an unhopped herbal fruit beer or more obscure styles such as Polish gratzer that they are brewing, they strive to succeed in presenting a beer that’s true to its roots.

To maintain an air of creativity and fun Cambridge Brewing Co also organizes events of all kind from time to time. These include charity events such as “Craft Beer and Ice Cream For Charity” where you will find 8 excellent brewers and restaurants of Boston raising funds for charity while giving you their best, and other fun events like 2015 Battle Of The Beers: “East Coast Vs. West Coast Punk Rock Brew where rivals will celebrate the beauty of stateside craft beer and alternative music.

Cambridge Brewing Co offers great beers, but there is more. They have some of the best burgers and fries, and other great snacks in store for you too. Hence, while sipping at your delicious beer you can also complement it with top notch snacks and other food items too. Now, this is all the more reason why you should visit Cambridge Brewing Co as soon as possible!


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