Traveler Beer Company- Boston, MA

Traveler Beer Company is your ultimate destination to find some of the out of the world beers. They will take you on a trip to a whole new world of freshness and delight. The moment your first sip hits your taste buds you will simply feel like “wow”. Traveler Beer Company offers some of the most sophisticated blends of carefully crafted American wheat ale with fresh and refreshing ingredients. The variety is so much that you will be confused with which one to try first.

Traveler Beer Company’s six pack beers are perfect for any occasion. If you are a curious traveler then try their curious traveler beers. Curious Traveler is the company’s take on a classic European Shandy that has been brewed for generations. It began with American craft wheat ale, which delivers a crisp, light body to which later on was added fresh lemon and just a touch of lime to bring out a bright, juicy citrus aroma and flavor. No matter how tired you are this beer will refresh you in a jiff.

Another great drink to try at Traveler Beer Company’s is the Illustrative Traveler beers. Illusive Traveler is a deceptively delicious wheat beer made from real grapefruit. The beer has rich aromas and flavors which will leave you wanting for more.

At the Traveler Beer Company they brew beer which is delicious and refreshing when enjoyed by itself, but it’s also great when mixed. You can find some of the most amazing cocktails which have been chosen carefully after a lot of experimentation and hit and miss observations. Some of the most popular cocktails you will find include So Curious, Minty Stache, Blu Manchu, Ginger Shandy, Eve’s Temptation, Forbidden Peach, Pomme-Aretto Punch, Li’l Tart, Traveling Bandito, and more.

Traveler Beer Company also organizes special events for the people every now and then. Some of the recent ones include Stowe Brewers Festival, where you can go in the heart of the beautiful Green Mountains to enjoy an afternoon of tasting some of the most delicious craft beers ever.  Then there is also Summer Beer Dabbler which will enable you to enjoy great craft beers while listening to live music from great artists such as BBGUN, ELeganza, Actual Wolf, and more.

Traveler Beer Company is one of the best beer brewers in the US. And if you are anywhere near the Boston area and love beer then you simply need to check them out.

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