Omaha Brewing Company- Omaha, GA

Omaha Brewing Company was founded by Doctor Robert E. Lee who purchased a former school house and an industrial plant with an apprehension that quickly became sure after he realized that craft beer wasn’t something the Deep South had wrapped its roots around just yet. Under the guidance of Brewmaster Nick Fowler he was soon able to make OBC a staple in the South’ s craft beer revolution.

An underground spring that runs right beneath the Omaha Brewing Company’s brewery foundation supplies all of the water for the beers. The artisan spring water also has ideal, stable water chemistry that provides an optimal base for the brews and ensures a consistent product with every batch. With the ideas of family, friends and quality always on their minds, Omaha Brewing Company always strives to make beers that people can enjoy and relate with. This is the reason why every time you look at the Omaha Brewing Company Logo, and taste the foam dripping off your glass you are taken to a whole different world of pure bliss.

Omaha Brewing Company has many core brands under its name which have found their own identities in the beer realm. The Hannahatchee Creek IPA is a somewhat hazy copper brew that pours with a white head at only 53 IBU’s and has a low bitterness value. With a refreshing malty flavor, this beer has a strong citrus taste that will remind you of orange peels derived from the large Amarillo dry-hop. Similarly, Nada-Banana is another signature beer that’s light in color with very little haze and a very thick density. Similar to traditional German-style Weissbier, Nada-Banana boasts of pleasant banana and clove aromas followed by wonderful flavors of vanilla and spices that finishes with a fruity, delightful aftertaste.

Despite having started small, today Omaha Brewing Company has made a reputation in the brewing industry. It goes without saying that their out of the world beers have a lot to do with it. Combining the finest of malts and hops Omaha Brewing Company has always ensured that the people only get the best from them. However, other than producing quality beers the company is also known to have a friendly staff. At any of their locations you will always find people who love their work and who would make you feel like family. If you are a hardcore beer lover then you have to check out Omaha Brewing Company.



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