Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant – Broomfield, CO

Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant has a really impressive beer selection and a great variety of food to go along with it. The staff they have is friendly and they will make sure that you are comfortable and will never let you wait for a seat or food for more than what is absolutely necessary. The prices of drinks and food are also reasonable given the quality of their food. Most restaurants tend to overcharge when they use good ingredients, but Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant is not one of those. You will get exactly what you pay for and nothing less.

Every single item at Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant is simply delicious. The burgers are always juicy and they taste so fresh and rich. Their garlic fries are awesome, crunchy with big chunks of garlic and parsley on them. The fish and chips are also a delight. The fish comes in longer pieces than you will find at most restaurants, and are covered with a Panko bread crust. The flatiron steak is really good as well and it has a teriyaki glaze. The menu varies by season but you can always try any of their items off the menu and you won’t be disappointed.

The service at Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant is usually great, but sometimes they can be busy when the place is packed and you may need to wait a bit. Nevertheless, you can always enjoy sitting on their patio with a glass of wine and enjoying the amazing Colorado weather. Since the establishment is located right by the movie theater it is convenient for a quick bite and drink before the movie.

All of the beers found at Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant are brewed from the finest of ingredients and with a great attention to detail. The brewery itself, in par with everything else in Silicon Valley, is fully automated and is run by WinBrew, which is a special software program developed by Nerb Engineering in Freising, Germany. You can imagine the kind of beers you can get to taste when they are so dedicated towards creating the best beers for their customers. They have a large variety of beers for all types of beer lovers. These include pilsner, golden export, marzen, festbier, winterbock, and more. If you are tired of the run of the mill kinds of beers and are looking for a change then this variety is just the thing for you.

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