Buoy Beer Company- Astoria, OR

Buoy Beer Company is the place where beers are brewed with pride and love. The people behind this place have been in the industry for decades and have had several generations at the helm. Here you will find beers you can savor and share. Made from only pure ingredients and a whole lot of local flavor the beers of Buoy Beer Company have the tendency to make you want more and more of them.

At Buoy Beer Company they have a mini factory for you to see. So, you can actually understand how the brewing process works and what goes on behind the machines. The staff is friendly so you can also ask questions about the process too. There is a glass section of flooring so you can see below the boardwalk and look for the seals which is quite a beautiful experience. If you plan on a romantic dinner date this would be the place for you to go to. Just make sure you get there early or plan on waiting to sit in the main room. The view is incredibly upscale and the food makes this into a very intimate and romantic meal. You can dress as fancy or as casually as you like and still you will never feel over or under dressed.

Other than great beer variety, Buoy Beer Co is a great place for food too. By using the highest quality ingredients (most of it local – especially the seafood) and making most of it from scratch, they aim to give you the perfect pairing to enjoy with their handcrafted lagers and ales. Their Chefs have years of experience creating new exciting dishes, as well as unique twists on classics, that will leave you satisfied but with just enough room for another pint. You can always ask for daily specials, since they like to bring something new for their patrons from time to time.

Buoy Beer Company is no less than a beer heaven in Astoria. Great views, great beer, and great beer, what is it that they don’t have? Whether you are a casual beer drinker who is looking for some new variety to get their hands on, or are a professional taster you are bound to love this place. They have some of the most fun and friendly people in the house who will make you feel like home. So, what are you waiting for? Drop by Buoy Beer Company and see for yourself why this place is so cool!

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