Black Lotus Brewing Co- Clawson, MI

Black Lotus Brewery is an amazing brew house that offers a varied combination of hand crafted beer, aged spirits, specialty wines, and elegant liqueur. Their selection is one of a kind and the staff is super friendly. For the entertainment of the patrons they have awesome musical entertainment as well. Once you’re here you will notice a unique vibe, something extraordinary that can only be experienced when you are here. Many of their rivals have tried to imitate but no one could even come close to what they have. They just do things their way, in the original manner, and that’s what the people love about them. Every person belonging to Black Lotus Brewing Co is passionate about their beer, brewing, food, and spirits, and you can really sense it in the atmosphere they have.

If the food of Black Lotus Brewing Co won’t blow your mind away then nothing probably will. Just about everything is prepared in house and is fresh and local which it is not hard to see. Their boss hog is most likely the best BBQ sandwich you could ever have. When it is time for BBQ you are bound to be amazed. They smoke it on the patio during the day and you can smell the delightful aromas that will water your mouth instantly. Also, the sweet potato fries are excellent, and they’ve been serving them for many years, and they seem to have only bettered the dish. You should try these.

There’s a lot of competition around the area where Black Lotus Brewing Co is located, but the beers they have are all great. The Sun-Ra is a very good wheat beer and the IPA is the hoppy/citrus type. In the fall season you can try their pumpkin beer which is unique. Other beers worth trying out include World Wide Weisenbock , Detroit Hip Hops APA , Black Bottom Oatmeal Stout , etc. Since they love beers you can find a lot of fun and exciting items during Oktoberfest, which by the way they celebrate with full zest.

Black Lotus Brewing Co also has a reputation for its most amazing events. They have Open Mic Mondays which bring the best out of the people in the house, and Throwback Thursdays when you get to groove with DJ Head in the house. These events make Black Lotus Brewing Co an ideal spot to chill out with friends.

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