Bissell Brothers Brewing Co- Portland, ME

Bissell Brothers Brewing Co has some of the finest brews in store for you. The spot anchors an industrial park of breweries and feels like a well-kept secret and a flourishing neighborhood mainstay at the same time. The tasting room has both indoor and outdoor spaces/seating and the staff is delightful. You will feel very comfortable asking them questions about the kinds of brews they have and how they are made. The service is prompt and you can also seek recommendations for their beers, for which they will happily assist you.

Bissell Brothers Brewing Co is a great find as it is the only place where you can always get Substance or one of their newer offerings on tap and since it is also one of the rarest places where you can buy their cans to go. The brewery itself is very simple: a few tables, a couple of beers on tap and standard spray-painted walls. The free pinball is certainly an added bonus. It’s not the classiest or most fancy brewery in Portland, but it is definitely one of the best and a must-stop for the IPA fan in the Portland area.

There is a lot of variety when it comes to beers at Bissell Brothers Brewing Co. The signature substance ale is bright dank ale which is made from some of the best flaked wheat, oats, and barley, and will blow you mind right away. Then there is baby genius which is a hoppy, hazy session beer which is an eclectic mix of pilsners, Vienna, malted wheat and flaked oats. Other great brews from the house of Bissell Brothers Brewing Co include Angels with Filthy Souls, Lux, i-Lucky, and more.

The Tap Room at Bissell Brothers was carefully designed and decorated to give the patrons a chance at full immersion into the world of fine quality beers. The art & music that inspire them are front and center, along with specialty beers or pilot betas of what will become their next production offerings. Come and purchase their 16 oz cans at the bar as fresh as they can possibly be, or have a lunch and enjoy the amazing offerings from one of their food truck partners while you sip our spoils from the source. Bissell Brothers Brewing Co is the place where there is something for everyone.


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