McMenamins Fulton Pub and Brewery- Portland, OR

McMenamins Fulton Pub and Brewery is one of the best places to go grab a beer at. It’s small, quaint, and has that local pub atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re always with friends. The staff here is amazing and will ensure that you are having a great time, always. The place was renovated and opened by McMenamins on Cinco de Mayo in 1988. Today, they serve up hearty pub fare in an intimate setting in Portland’s Macadam neighborhood. They have a casual dining setting for the biggest of parties, either indoors in their cozy pub or outside on the garden patio.

Some of the most famous ales brewed at McMenamins Fulton Pub and Brewery include Terminator Stout, Hammerhead, Ruby, Edgefield Wheat, Black Rabbit Porter, Sunflower IPA and others. The hammerhead is a classic Northwest pale ale and McMenamins’ top selling beer. This rich chestnut colored gem is a perfect product of harmony between hops and malted barley. The ruby is also one of their most popular brews, and is made from the best raspberries and premium 2 row malt along with different kinds of hops.

McMenamins has always been considerate about the environment, and have ensured that their brewing process doesn’t do any harm to it. Since the company’s inception in 1983, recycling had been handled on a pub-by-pub basis. They often hire coordinators to oversee reducing, reusing and recycling the company’s waste, including materials such as plastics, paper, cork, metals, glass, oil, cardboard and so on. This kind of concern and care of the environment is apparent in their products too. Every single brew of theirs is made from love and you can literally taste it.

McMenamins has been in business for what seems like forever and the professionalism in their work is evident. At McMenamins Fulton Pub and Brewery you will find a very informative staff which will be more than happy to answer all your questions regards their brewing processes. They can also recommend to you their best beers according to your tastes and likings.

Due to handcrafting, and as is in most cases of brewing, no two McMenamins batches are identical. However, due to unique qualities of their brewing team, and their unique ale-crafting style, you can be assured that you will get to enjoy brews which are truly special and are made with every care for the environment. Go give McMenamins Fulton Pub a try. You won’t be disappointed.


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