Off The Hookah- West Palm Beach, FL

Located downtown in Palm Beach County at 314 Clematis Street, Off the Hookah is West Palm Beach’s Premier Nightlife destination. Inside the establishment you will find plenty of room to dance. They have both indoor as well as outdoor dancing areas, each having separate DJs. While the indoor features mainly club/hiphop/top40 music the outside features house/techno music and you can choose either place depending on your mood.

Off the Hookah has its own character and it offers a fun place to hang out with friends. The atmosphere is fun and chill and the place becomes packed on Saturdays with birthday and bachelor/bachelorette parties. While hookah is cheap enough to split among a group, the drinks are also extremely cheap. On the menu you will find homemade grape leaves, falafels, & hummus. Their shrimp kabob and kafta kabob are very good, and the chicken kabob was extremely flavorful. You will find an amazing selection to choose from.

The waitstaff at Off the Hookah is friendly and attentive. You will have a good time with them and they themselves won’t give a chance for you to complain. Your food will be prepared exactly the way you want and your drinks will be given to you on time. At the establishment you can’t help but notice the kind of personal touch they add to their customer service. It is also one of the reasons Off the Hookah has been one of the most popular hangout joints of West Palm Beach.

The décor inside Off the Hookah is chic and trendy. You will find brightly colored furniture and decorative items. Then they have these dim lit red lamps around the place which make the atmosphere snug and warming. They even organize theme parties every now and then during which the staff and even the people dress accordingly. For instance, they have Egyptian and Arabic style themed parties where people come and enjoy a flavor of these cultures.

People come to Off the Hookah to forget all their problems and have a great time with their friends. You will always find fun loving people at the place whom you can get to know and share some laughs. You can actually be yourself at Off the Hookah unlike other bars and restaurants which have an air of pretentiousness. If you are anywhere around West Palm Beach and are looking for a good place to hang out then Off the Hookah is an excellent choice.

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