Kabuki Sushi Thai Tapas- West Palm Beach, FL

Recently rated by Zagat and awarded “A” Grade from the Palm Beach Post, Kabuki is an amazing modern Asian eatery which is enhanced by decorative lighting fixtures that create a dimly-lit, inviting atmosphere. They have a long, fully stocked bar and a sushi bar in the back side of the restaurant which provides an opportunity to watch the sushi chefs in action. The menu is large and has a variety of items on the list. You will find both cooked and raw dishes, with an emphasis on small plates.

The atmosphere inside Kabuki Sushi Thai Tapas is comfortable and warm. You will find people who are good natured and friendly. They have these beautiful dim light lanterns hanging overhead from the ceiling and side lights which together provide just the kind of comfortable lighting a restaurant should have. The servers and bartenders are professional and don’t make you wait for long for your food and drinks. The bathrooms are also kept clean and hygienic at all times.

At Kabuki Sushi you’ll find everything from Thai-style spring rolls to Asian empanadas. It is like a food heaven in here. There’s a wide selection of Nigiri sushi and noodle and rice dishes, curries and stir-fries.  You can also enjoy their Teriyaki dishes which are brought to you from a Japanese grill, along with a couple of entrees such as the succulent Crispy Duck or whole Fried Snapper. As for desserts they have a good variety in that too, which includes Thai Donuts with dipping sauce, Banana Tempura with ice cream, etc.

You can come to Kabuki Sushi Thai Tapas during happy hours, which are from 3 to 7 daily, and enjoy a number of great cocktails and other kinds of drinks such as sake at extremely low rates. Since they make big servings of all kinds of foods you can see that every single penny spent by you is worth it.

Kabuki Sushi Thai Tapas is ideal for casual dinners and lunches and for private parties alike. The atmosphere is ideal for any kind of festive occasion. The staff is professional and quite helpful. No matter what kind of party of event you have in mind feel free to talk to them about it and they will assist you in every possible way.

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