Coal Creek TAP- Laramie, WY

Coal Creek Tap is among the very best. From the beer selection, to the quality furnishings and the impeccable service, nothing is ever missing. The beers are all tasty, with plenty of variety and some unique flavors. Each one is served in a unique glass designed to maximize flavor and enjoyment. The interior is well decorated and it is quite charming and rustic. The service is awesome and the staff is highly knowledgeable about the beers and is always fun to talk to.

You won’t find beers as good as the ones at Coal Creek TAP anywhere else in Laramie. Each beer has its own special quality but all are equally good. The Anodyne, Helles Lager is the brewery’s traditional German-style Helles lager which is light and mild. An easy-going beer fitting for most everyone’s taste, this medium bodied lager is slightly toasty and malty. It’s lightly hopped with Tettnang and Mount Hood hops, which lend a lightly citrus aroma and bright essence. The beer pairs well with the house made salty, hand-tied pretzel and honey-mustard-ale sauce. Laradise, on the other hand is all about the lovely summertime. Bravo, Centennial, Citra and Amarillo hops make this brew extra hoppy, giving you a kick. Clean and crisp with a dry and citrusy finish, this perfectly balanced beer is ideal for hop lovers. It tastes best when consumed outside, smelling the smells and tasting the fares of the Laramie farmer’s market.

At Coal Creek TAP they have a hip and interesting appeal which could likely be found in a Portland or San Fransisco coffee house, but with the sort of Wyoming authenticity that makes people from around here feel at home. You can’t help but appreciate the level of attention to detail that makes this place probably the coolest place to have locally brewed beer in Laramie. The tables are cross-sectioned trees that add a warm and rustic charm that really helps create a fun atmosphere. Additionally, the hanging pendants have the sort of urban chic that only add to that sort of atmosphere. There’s plenty of seating and the booths are all made of solid wood too.

If you want good quality beer at fair price, decent people to share your time with, and a lovely atmosphere, then Coal Creek TAP is the place that fits the bill. Give it a shot, you won’t regret it!

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