Babylon Rock Band

Formed in 2009 in Greenville South Carolina, Babylon soon moved to Stuart, Florida in 2011. The band was started with John Ross who wanted to backlash against the minutiae of pop and rock radio culture. He got on board with other members such as Logan Ross and Jelly Bean and then created a high energy rock band that was on its way to becoming famous.

John has an extensive experience with some of the national acts such as Will Arnold, and Lazer band from Atlanta, and, “Charlie Pickett & the MC3”, from Miami Beach, Florida. Soon enough they had become quite comfortable playing together and so they released their first album titled “The Wilderness”. Produced by Peter Buck the album received national acclaim and became instantly famous. Having experienced such a high degree of success, John went to New York and joined hands with the internationally recognized band “The Silos”. The Silos made headlines on magazines and newspapers for quite a while and were also a favorite of several radio stations and broadcasters. They even made appearances in popular music magazines such as The Rolling Stones, Musician, etc. People Magazine voted them as the Best New American Rock Band. However, after a while John decided that he wanted to do something of his own and so he came back to Greenville and formed Babylon.

John wrote several songs and created a lot of compositions for a year and then decided to go outside of SC and added SE states to his venues. He was already playing guitars and vocals, and he collaborated with Logan Ross, taking him on as a drummer, and later found Jelly Bean to play the bass. While Logan brings the technical skills and enthusiasm to the band, John and Jelly Bean add their own musical style to the group. Collectively when they jam the music produced is one of a kind and makes them stand out from the rest of the bands out there.

Babylon has musical influences from the famous bands such as The Ramones, Husker Du, Dinosaur Jr. and The MC5. Currently they are producing music under the label Riot House Records.

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