Mellow Mushroom- West Palm Beach, FL

Mellow Mushroom is a place which is ideal for families and a bunch of friends alike. They offer great pizzas and great drinks, both at right prices. The actual mushroom pizza they serve is one of the specialties which you must definitely try. The crust is great, the toppings are flavorful. It’s not exactly your favorite upscale pizza place, but instead, in a good way, a very comfortable kind of atmosphere here and the food they provide is as good as homemade. In fact, after dining here for once or twice you will certainly feel that it’s miles better than one of the giants like Dominos or Papa Johns. This is particularly experienced with their sauce which isn’t overly sweet or salty.

Other than food, Mellow Mushroom is a great place for drinks. They offer beers on tap and in bottles. The selection of beers on tap is fantastic, and offers plenty of variety for any palette.  You will also find 90% of their beers on half price for happy hours. Hence, if you want to give your friends a big party then dropping by these hours can save you a great deal of money.

Located in an awesome spot called City Park with lots of stores & food, Mellow Mushroom has a unique kind of ambience. Even though it is a chain restaurant you will find a different kind of atmosphere in every different location. However, one thing that stays the same everywhere is their quality of food, and the exceptional service they offer to their patrons. The décor of the place is also quite distinct and impressive. You will find these big disk figures on the ceiling to which are attached the lights. The furniture at the place is also in different varieties. You can either choose the tables for two or four people, or if you are with a big group of people then you can take the couches with a large table.

Whether you want to have a grand lunch with your family, or are in simply the mood for eating out for a change one day Mellow Mushroom is an ideal destination. Bring your family or friends and enjoy some of the best pizzas you will ever eat.

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