Bistro Ten Zero One- West Palm Beach, FL

Bistro Ten Zero One (1001) is a hotel restaurant attached to the Marriott off Okeechobee. They are not currently PartyLink supporters, so you will most likely not find anyone from the PartyLink community there, the place is usually quite slow as it is your typical “hotel” bar that does very little promotion. Be sure to check Tonight’s Party if you are looking for a great place to go in west palm. The prices here are quite reasonable based on the quality of food. They have items on the menu that you could have heard of while watching Top Chef- Gastrique, Creme Fraische, Foie Gras. Also, since they serve local fish, it’s always fresh and delicious.

Bistro 1001 is located in the Marriot  and the decor is hip. Other than good food you can also enjoy exciting events which are held at Bistro 1001 every now and then. On Friday evenings they launch “Raid the Cellar” during which you get flat 50% off on all their bottled wines. The event starts at 5 and ends at 10. You can also enjoy discounted drinks and food during their happy hours which are for 5 to 7 Monday to Friday. Other than these two events they also organize other events in which they invite performers and live musicians to entertain their guests. You can keep a check on their calendar to stay up to date on their events.

The staff at Bistro 10 0 1 is very attentive and friendly. The servers treat you nice and with a warm reception.. You will feel important and your needs will be taken care of well. The décor of the place is quite beautiful itself. Whether you want to spend some quality time with your family or want to let your hair down and catch up with your friends Bistro 1001 provides an excellent atmosphere. The place is neat and clean everywhere, and the menu prices are fair. You won’t feel uncomfortable at all throughout your stay at the restaurant.

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