Steel String Craft Brewery- Carrboro, NC

Steel String Craft Brewery is a quite a chill place to grab a beer. They brew high quality ales by adapting aggressively hopped American styles into the North Carolina vernacular. The craft beer movement is growing in Carrboro and Steel String is an integral part of it. It is breweries like this that people are able to enjoy excellent beers and that local farmers are also getting support.

The prices are impressively low at Steel String Craft Brewery, especially on Monday nights when it is $1 off on beers. The seating inside is plentiful and the picnic-like tables encourage friend-making and friend-bringing. The patio has several choices of tables and chairs and they have a large selection of beers. If you are having a hard time deciding then you can also ask to sample some. The staff they have is quite friendly and love to keep everyone happy and comfortable.

Steel String Craft Brewery has a delightful assortment of beers with flavors for the craft-beer aficionado and the newly initiated alike. The flavors range from the more standard (fruit infusions – which have become quite redundant really) to the more eclectic (coffee-flavored). And they have your seasonal varieties too, e.g. – a pumpkin flavored beer. It is good that they have a simple menu with only a handful of beers, and they are all different and described in detail. You can tell they put a lot of care and work into designing the menu. Also, there is a chalkboard with a few more beers if you happen to be a regular. With reasonable prices ($5-6 for a pint) and nice overall presentation (i.e., they tell you the alcoholic of each beer, and each has a little bit of a story), you can’t ask for much more from a craft brewery.

There are a lot of things which you can enjoy at Steel String Craft Brewery. They have a variety of peanut and other tree nut products available for purchase, games to play with your friends, and some really trendy music. While there are many breweries around the Carrboro area, Steel String has its own special place in the scene. Ideal for family gatherings, friends get togethers, and fun parties alike Steel String is the place which never fails to amaze you.

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