Horse Thief Hollow Brewery- Chicago, IL

Horse Thief Hollow Brewery is no less than a real gem of Chicago. The service is great; the food is great; and the beers are great. The food they have is your typical pub food, but they do have dishes that come with a nice twist. Plus, it caters to the needs of any crowd you decide to bring- your parents, your friends, your office buddies, or your kids. It is nice to come with friends here and sit at the bar and enjoy some really good quality drinks while sharing laughs.

Horse Thief Hollow Brewery is pretty big. It’s a wide open space, and the high ceilings and table set up make up for a great location to organize private events. They’ve got a lot of great artwork on the walls and they even carry a weekly theme. Speaking of art, you might love to check out the map in the parking lot (which has free parking for you) of all the Chicago neighborhoods in neon. It is pretty cool.

The staff, especially the bartenders at HTH is simply amazing. So many places have surly guys who couldn’t be more annoyed with you when you order a cocktail or they never look up to take your order. They just stand their making an old fashioned with a pained look on their face wishing you’d go away team management tools. Not here. The bartenders here are attentive, polite and helpful. They will always ensure your comfort and will get your drinks on time.

Horse Thief Hollow Brewery has got a great selection of brews that can satiate all kinds of people. You can look on the chalkboard, or read the menu for a comprehensive profile. Feel free to try their 18th Rebellion which is a bright, hoppy German wheat ale, which has a lemony, slightly sweet nose and peppery finish. This Kolsch style ale is carefully fermented to be light and crisp, and it even received a Bronze medal at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival. Kitchen Sink, on the other hand is a pure American Pale Ale, born out of friendship and humor. Why is it called Kitchen Sink? Because it’s made with a collage of hops from around the world, blended with a copper colored malt profile and a touch of Rye. Another great American brew to try at HTH is the Annexation Ale which has a pine and citrus hop profile and medium copper body. If you like strong, bold, and hoppy, Annexation Ale is for you.


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