Bull City Burger and Brewery-Durham, NC

Locally owned, and independent Bull City Burger and Brewery is a restaurant and craft brewery located at 107 East Parrish Street in downtown Durham, NC. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner 7 days per week with about 90 seats inside plus 50 seats of outside year round patio dining. They offer family friendly dining with a children’s play area, as well as a semi-private meeting room for business gatherings, events and presentations all within full view of their own brewery.

Bull City is also a full scale working brewery where they brew their own beer. They have up to eight beers on-tap at any given time creating fresh ales and lagers rotating seasonally throughout the year. Mostly they use just malt, hops, yeast and water to craft the beer, leaving out adjuncts and additives. Another notable thing about this place is that they take wine seriously and feature farmer made, estate grown and bottled wines from around the world, which are served on-tap via the Enomatic self-serve wine-dispensing machine. You will never find a variety like they have and the quality they have maintained anywhere else.

Bull City has association with Durham’s Dogstar Tattoo Company and Kathryn Moore to provide three options of approved original tattoo art work. If you get one of these three permanent tattoos anywhere on your body (which is subject to verification) you get to eat their food for twenty-six percent less for life. For life! However, you are welcome to submit art ideas of your own using their logo and name. If they approve it you get 26% off on every time you eat here for life.

If you want you can have one of your home brews on tap at BCBB. All you need to do is just enter the annual Bull City Burger and Brewery Home Brew Competition (The BCBB-HBC). The winner’s recipe will be scaled to a seven barrel batch. When your beer is ready, they will invite you to pour a pint for you and 9 friends.

There is a lot of great beers to try at BCBB. Bryant Bridge Gateway Golden Ale, Viola Weiss , Parrish Street Pale Ale are some to name a few. Also, since the prices are quite low you can enjoy multiple ones. They also have brewery tours so if that’s something that interests you, you can go for it as well.

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