Peace Tree Brewing Company- Knoxville, IA

Peace Tree Brewing Company is a place that’s all about the beer. While this isn’t really the place to go to watch sporting events, it is however a great place to go to get some really amazing beer in a great variety. They do a pretty good job with their brews and you can find them all over the state, but to truly get the best you need to go to where they brew it, which is here. Make sure you check their hours though, for they are only open a few days a week.

The Taproom of the Peace Tree Brewing Company is the most special place where there is tons of fun and quality beer to enjoy. The taproom is an intimate, 60-person venue located at the front end of the production brewery. This family friendly space has a pub-meets-cafe atmosphere and is the best spot to enjoy Peace Tree’s fresh, local beer. If you visit in the warmer months you can also enjoy a brew in their outdoor beer garden which is a unique experience.

The ten draftlines of Peace Tree a variety of brews including Red Rambler, Blonde Fatale and No Coast IPA year-round, as well as Root Beer. Additionally, they often have seasonals and small batch beers and sodas you won’t find anywhere else.

They do not serve food here. However, they do have carryout menus available behind the bar and many restaurants can also deliver to the taproom. The beers they have go great with food, and since they do offer a variety of snacks for sale, including local Iowa cheeses, popcorn and beef sticks you will hardly miss a thing.

At Peace Tree Brewing Company you can enjoy events they often organize for the entertainment of the people. They offer live music in the taproom two or three times per month on Friday or Saturday nights for a nominal cover of $5. They also host talented Iowa musicians, including an eclectic mix of Americana, blues, jazz, rock and old country.

Peace Tree Brewing Company is a complete entertainment package destination. Great beer, great food, and great staff plus people, they have it all. Plus, they also offer taproom rental service which you can use for organize your special events. If you have never been to this place then you are missing out!

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