Laughing Sun Brewing- Bismarck, ND

The only mission Laughing Sun Brewing has is to offer a place where the local community can feel welcome and involved. The walls of the establishment feature the work of local artists, and the stage is open to local musicians, poets, writers, and thinkers with original compositions and ideas. The people behind LSB know that involvement is inevitable with the kind of interaction that good art demands. But that requires space, and so they came up with LSB. Here you will find amazing and creative people who share a common passion for great quality beer and beauty in this world.

Beers galore at Laughing Sun Brewing. They have such a variety of these that no matter what tastes or preferences you have you will certainly find something for yourself. The Feast Like a Sultan IPA is a great brew they have that takes its name from the exotic oils that might have been available to a Sultan of early trade routes. Made from a combination of American 2-Row barley, Crystal and Munich malts, this IPA is well balanced with grapefruit and passion fruit citrus flavors and aromas. American Ale yeast provides a clean background for the hops to stand out in this ale. Another unique brew to taste here is the Strawberry Wheat which is an American-style wheat beer with a light crisp flavor and and an essence of strawberry. They use an American style wheat yeast with subdued flavor profiles, allowing light citrus aromas to emerge from the Centennial hops and even out the hint of strawberry flavor. O

Laughing Sun Brewing is a great place to gather with some co-workers for a drink after work. Plus, you can order pizza from the place next door and have it delivered to your table while you drink. They are quite knowledgeable about their beer and are always more than willing to share any information you need. They will keep you comfortable and will ensure that you have everything you need. You can drop by any time even alone knowing that you will always have some great company here.

If great service, excellent beer and relaxing atmosphere is what you seek then head towards Laughing Sun Brewing without a second thought. Even better, bring your friends along and have a hell of a night or evening with them.

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