Heretic Brewing Company- Fairfield, CA

Heretic Brewing Company is definitely a hidden treasure within those industrial areas meant for fixing automobiles. The inside area may seem small, but it is a really chill environment. They have a larger outdoor area that is big enough to hold a small party or event. On some days they even have a food truck parked outside, which is nice because then you can have something to pair with your beer. The staff is friendly and attentive, and even if you are alone you won’t feel lonely at all, for they will keep you company.

Looking at the beer variety at Heretic Brewing Company you are bound to be stumped on which one to choose. The Evil Twin is a blood-red ale that may not be what you might expect from a malty and hoppy craft beer. However, it has a rich malt character, without being overly sweet. It has a huge hop character, without being overly bitter. It is a great example of a bold, rich, balanced craft beer, without being heavy and hard to drink in quantity. Chocolate Hazelnut Porter, or CHP as it is often called on the other hand, is a dessert in a glass. It is a rich, robust porter bursting with luscious chocolate and hazelnut. Notes of coffee and caramel round out this delicious treat and leave you wanting for more.

Heretic Brewing Company serves beer in a clean, intimate, modern space. They make a good range of beer from “Petit Rouge” steeped with hibiscus flowers; the ever popular, “Primo Diablo” which is an IPA with habanero peppers; and a local favorite, “Shallow Grave,” a rich, complex Porter. Their beer menu is computerized, easy to read, and in addition to ABV information, provides good descriptions of each beer: even their refrigerator case has descriptions of their bottle stock.

The tap room ambiance of Heretic is perfect – it’s clean, spacious, and laid back. You can sit at the bar if you want to chat it up with the bartenders or you can take your beer back to one of the tables to enjoy in peace. You can also pick your own flight from the beers they have available.

Cleanliness is one of the things about Heretic Brewing Company which make it really specially. There are many decent breweries out there but not many are this clean and presentable. Plus, the kind of amazing staff they have at Heretic Brewing Company really makes your stay quite enjoyable. So, give it a shot if you haven’t yet, and see for yourself why they are so popular.

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