Gunbarrel Brewing Company- Boulder, CO

Located in Boulder County, Colorado Gunbarrel Brewing Company is a fine brewery which is crafted with passion by brewer Jamie Fox and his wife Marie. While Jamie has been brewing for the past fifteen years, and has earned a Ph.D in neuroscience along the way Marie has a background in marketing, hospitality and web development. Together, they share a passion for exploring the nuances and endless possibilities of craft beer. They had chosen the name Gunbarrel for the brewery to pay homage to the rugged independent freedom of the West, and to honor the little slice of it that they call home.

The beers of Gunbarrel Brewing Company are strong, and always of fine quality. Their Touch of Grey is a fine refreshing Blonde Ale which is loaded with juicy flavors of passion fruit, peach, berry and melon. These notes are brilliantly complimented by the aroma of bergamot from a light infusion of Earl Grey tea. The Fresh Baked, on the other hand is a combination of the finest ingredients that create this sweet and luscious full bodied stout. Whispers of cinnamon, vanilla and molasses compliment a big, roasty malt flavor with a creamy mouth feel and wonderfully dry finish making it leave you wanting for more.

Gunbarrel Brewing Company was stoked to be brewing a few special beers a few months back with super fresh Hoffman Farms hops, while supporting the local economy and small producers and was even mentioned in the news. However, that was not the only time they chose to go organic. The company puts a strong emphasis on sourcing the ingredients locally and supporting the famers of the area. This is also one of the things that make it special.

Gunbarrel Brewing Company has beers for all occasions and for all palates. The team behind the company is of highly experience individuals who know very well what the people want. They love experimenting with traditional beers, as a result of which you get some really amazing and unique beers. If you are tired of same old beers that all taste the same then you much check out some of theirs. You won’t be disappointed. Better still, bring some of your friends along when you pay GBC a visit, and make a hell of a time with them!

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