Fire Island Beer Co- Ocean Beach, NY

Fire Island Beer Co is a craft beer company which is focused on approachable balanced beers sold across the NY area. Originally founded in Fire Island, New York in 2007 Fire Island is today one of the most popular breweries of the NY state. They have a good variety, and the quality they have maintained is simply remarkable. No matter what kind of tastes you prefer and what kind of beers you like you are certain to find something for yourself from their selection.

At Fire Island they a simple motto- “It’s beer you want to have a beer with.” The company is not a slight on NYC bit rather represents a more laid back, relaxed environment; where there is time to share a beer with friends. They make approachable, drinkable beers with a twist, to be enjoyed by both craft beer enthusiast as well as the casual beer drinker.

Every single beer of Fire Island stands out from the rest in terms of both taste and style. The Red Wagon IPA is a crisp, flavorful, and a easily drinkable beer that is made with a finely tuned balance of big floral hops and malts. It pairs great with hot and spicy food such as the Mexican cuisine. You will also love it with a strong form of cheese as well. Sunken Ferry Stout, on the other hand is brewed in the style of an oyster stout but with oatmeal ingredients. It uses traditional American hops and roasted barley malts and is crafted to keep you full and rounded. A slightly sweet aroma is served with it and polished off with a bitter smoky coffee taste for a full mouthful. It pairs well with Surf N’Turf- From oysters to shellfish to steak and other red meats.

Fire Island Beer Co has some good collection of merchandise which you can buy both for primary use or as a souvenir. You will find 4″ Bumper Sticker for $1.50, a keychain Key Bottle Opener for $4.00, Libbey Pint Glass for $6.00,   LA Handle Lighthouse Ale Tap Handle for $60.00 and tshirts for men and women for $10.00 a piece. There are many other such cool items as well.

Fire Island Beer Co offers some really good quality beers at fair prices. And so, if you are a true beer lover then you need to check them out for sure!

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