Brewmaster Jack- Northampton, MA

Brewmaster Jack was started in 2011 by Tyler Guilmette. Tyler began brewing out of his small apartment in Northampton, Massachusetts and over time got the support from Paper City Brewery and with that came out the premium beer company we have today.

Simplicity is at the core of Brewmaster Jack principles.  Here they aim to keep the beers straight-forward using both ancient and modern methods. They also work closely with hop growers and suppliers from all over the world to obtain hop varieties that are second to none. These hop varieties are absolutely essential to crafting world-class India Pale Ales. One very unique aspect of their beer is the use of local grains. Thanks to Valley Malt, a Massachusetts-based maltster, a good part of the grain used is sourced locally.

Brewmaster Jack offers a good variety of year round, and seasonal beers. And each of their beers is special and unique in both taste and style. The Stray Dog Lager is an amber lager made with two row barley, crystal malt, and munich malt. A high mash temperature allows for the extraction of non-fermentable sugars to create its thick body, and this is where Stray Dog Lager gets its distinctively malty flavor. It pairs extremely great with pork and chicken based food. Another quality beer they have, Ambrewsia is their take on an imperial India pale ale. This beer is made to have minimal malt character  to allow for full focus on the hops. Five hop varieties are added to create an aggressive bitterness (along with floral and citrus aromas. You would enjoy it best with grilled steak or lamb.

Brewmaster Jack also offers a Hop Essence Series which is their take on a single hop series. Differing from most other brewers’ single hop series which keep the same malt bill and switch out the hop variety, their Hop Essence Series crafts each release to perfectly complement the specific hop variety used. This means they switch up everything we’ve got in the tool box; yeast, malt, even herbs and spices. Some of the best beers in the series are Centennial, HBC 342, and Mosaic.

Brewmaster Jack may be not be as fancy looking as the beer giants of US but they make some really quality beer at great prices. If you are tired of the same old run of the mill beer then this is the place you would want to be at.

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