Arrowhead Brewing Co.- Invermere

Arrowhead Brewing Co has been consistently brewing a variety of ales for a long time, though it started out with just two styles. Currently there are six permanent beers available, as well as three to five seasonal varieties. Their only aim is to change the way people view and drink beer; valuing quality and experimenting with different styles. It is the place where they really want to ignite passion in beer drinkers for craft beer and to cultivate a palate for a wide variety of beers. They also highly value the good times, and feel that everyone should relax more and worry a lot less. So, when you want to relax with a good beer you know where to go.

At Arrowhead you can spend some quality time in their 1950s style gastown taproom. They have got both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, as well as a few snacks. Here they offer 5 oz samples and 16 oz pints for drinking and also serve flights of 7 samples so you can try a variety. They have a daily feature pint that’s on special during happy hour. If you want some of their beer to take with you then you can also have them package a few of their brands into 6-packs of cans. Or you can have then in 650 mL bottles, which are sold individually.

Every single beer of Arrowhead Brewing Co is distinct and special. Each has a special aroma, flavor and texture. The Blonde Bombshell is one of their most popular, easydrinking blonde ale, and is similar to a lager. This clear, light-coloured ale has an almost Kölsch-like finish from the German hops, and is moderately carbonated. The Black Jack, on the other hand, is a smooth dry Irish stout which is velvety black in color topped with a smooth, creamy head. It’s a perfect harmony of smoky roasted flavors, complemented with espresso, caramel and chocolate notes.

Other than quality beers and great atmosphere Arrowhead Brewing Co is also famous for the fun and entertaining events it organizes. From live music performances to fund raisers, and from art exhibitions to festivals such as the scarecrow festival they cover all kinds of events. Needless to say you will find other fun and lovely people during these events which makes it all the more important that you try the place once.

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