3cross Brewing Company- Worcester, MA

3cross Brewing Company is Worcester’s latest brewery. The 5,500 square foot space in the basement of 26 Cambridge Street houses its spacious taproom, with lots of space for expansion. The main focus of the company is on serving the community and to be known as a local Worcester brewery. The company name references the classic spoke lacing pattern for a bicycle wheel and you’ll find elements of bicycle lore and culture throughout the brewery. Since the team behind the place is of people who are cyclists as well as beer geeks, they aim to make 3cross the ideal place to end your next ride.

At 3cross  they offer beer in 125mL (4 oz) tasters and full pours to drink here, as well as 750mL growlers (refillable jugs) to bring home with you. Their selection of beer is a constant rotation and you’ll rarely see the same lineup on two subsequent visits. If it is your first time you can order a sample flight of the beers they have on tap. Once you’ve had a chance to taste, perhaps then you can put an order in for some growlers to go and a pint to savor while you’re waiting for your order to be filled.

Food is not served at the taproom of 3cross. However, you are free to bring food with you to munch on while you’re here. There are a number of restaurants to order from within a small radius of the location. There’s a full supermarket within easy walking distance and they also invite food trucks to park in the lot from time to time which should take care of your food needs.

At 3cross, as a member of the Break (a rider or small group of riders who have left the main group behind), you’ll be a part of a select group of hardcore supporters who get access to some super-special benefits for one year, which is pretty cool. Not only you will get to pre-order system for growler fills you will also have the right of first refusal for membership in subsequent years!

If you love riding your bike and drinking quality beer then 3cross Brewing Company is the place for you. It is a unique place that blends these two beautiful together. It goes without saying that you will find likeminded people here who share the same interests as yours. That’s all the more reason why you should check it out!

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