Oyster City Brewing Company- Apalachicola, FL

The historic fishing community has been immortalized in song by Bing Crosby and Tim McGraw, among others, and is famed for succulent Apalachicola Bay Oysters, yet still remains largely undiscovered. Harvested fresh from the bay daily, the Oyster City’s salty delicacies are a powerful drawing card for restaurants from New York City to Key West. Oysters this fine, and a place so rich in character, deserve a beer to complement them. And Oyster City Brewing Company serves to fulfill that purpose.

There is no other place like Oyster City Brewing Company. The beers they offer are all unique and special in every way. First Light of Day is a smooth and crisp beer which is steeped with Florida Orange Peel, and is perfect for Florida’s steamy summer days. The Hooter Brown brew is a robust ale made with local Tupelo Honey harvested right upriver at Owl Creek. It is medium to full bodied beer that bursts with local flavor and features rich honey and chocolate malts. You would love to have it with your friends on a warm sunny day. Another great drink by Oyster City Brewing Company is the Mill Pond Dirty Blonde. The name is catchy and the drink is addictive. It is a lightly hopped easy girl with a little bit of bite. It pairs aptly with salt water, and beautiful beaches that are characteristic of Florida.

Oyster City Brewing Company was founded in 2014 by Cassie Gary, Susan Gary, Rex Humphries and Bo Walker. Cassie, Susan and Rex, owners of Apalachicola’s Owl Cafe & Tap Room, have long shared a passion for top quality wine and craft beer. Combine that with Bo’s experience in the brewing industry, and you have the recipe for a top notch, ambitious craft brewery. Seeds planted through years of experimentation and small-batch tinkering have borne fruit in the form of three unique brews to date – Apalach IPA, Hooter Brown Tupelo Honey Ale, and Mill Pond Dirty Blonde Ale. Seasonal beers are also in the works, and OCBC is now brewing delicious craft beer seven days a week. How cool is that!

Variety is one of the chief highlights of Oyster City Brewing Company. They have some of the best beers in varied kinds. No matter what kind of beer you like you will find something for yourself here. So, go give it a shot. You won’t regret it!

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