Oxford Brewing- Winona, MS

If you’re looking for delicious beer made from the finest ingredients then Oxford Brewing is the perfect place to go. They have been serving up handcrafted beers since a long time and all these years of experience has today made them the kings of premium beers. No matter what kind of beers you like and what your favorite tastes are like, you are certain to find something for yourself at Oxford Brewing.

Sorority Blonde is the 1st level beer on the “Hop Scale of Flavor”. This brew has the color similar to “Just Beer” with a full flavor and slight hoppiness to finish. A slight sweetness can be noted on the palate as well as on the nose. Sorority Blonde is an easy drinking ale that introduces the drinker to craft beer flavor with a moderate alcohol content of 4.8%.  Mississippi Pale Ale no.8 is the competition winner that Oxford Brewing was founded on. This beer has a smooth drinkability with a well balanced flavor of hops that are added late in the brew process. For the avid pale ale drinker that is transitioning into the IPA category MPA is perfect.

Not long ago Oxford Brewing Company had begun production of its first two labels, Sorority Blonde & MPA no.8. Working with Back Forty Beer Co. in Gadsden, Alabama, Mason the company is brewing the beer on a 30bbl kettle system. They maintain high quality standards which allows them to ensure the consistency. So, every time you grab a beer from OB you know you are going to experience the same taste you wanted.

In Mississippi beer had always been “Just Beer”. Beer was either Budweiser, Bud Light or Miller Lite and most people never strayed far from what they have always known. However, things became different when Oxford Brewing Co. came into the picture. The Brewery has one approach which is to educate the beer lover and teach them the “Hop Scale of Flavor” in craft beer vs. the mild watered down flavor of “Just Beer”. True to their word they have made sure that people always get the best and most unique kinds of beers, at fair prices. If you are tired of the same old beers which taste the same then this is the place where you should be next time when your throat gets dry!

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