Open Door Brewing Company- Boulder, CO

At Open Door Brew Co. they believe that beer is best shared with friends, so when they brew beer they think of what you’ll want to share. Making beer makes them happy, and drinking the same will make you. There is saturation in the beer market but Open Door Brewing Company has managed to bring a new and refreshing change with its unique beers.

Open Door Brewing Company is run by the three musketeers. Mike Badaracca was there from the first homebrew session as Andy’s roommate in Boulder, Colorado and believes that beer, bocce ball, and buddies is one of the best combinations out there. Andy Riendel was the one who came up with the idea for Open Door when he was homebrewing while at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The last member Billy Mcdivitt had the love for beer since always and he got to take it to a whole new level by becoming a part of Open Door. Together this trio has been bringing the best beers for the people and experimenting with new flavors so that you can enjoy some really unique brews.

Currently Open Door Brewing Company has two flagship beers to offer- Libertas and Over the Moon. The former is an ode to the American Spirit. With Liberty hops and a dose of rye, this sessionable ale envokes spicy notes of the revolution, while the Columbus hops add a shot of citrus heard round the world. On a scale of one to freedom, this one should get 1776. The latter, on the other hand, is Open Door’s milky way take on a stout that really sends you out of this world. Careful use of chocolate malts create a roasted profile to perfectly assimilate with the milky creaminess of the brew. They reach for the stars with the addition of vanilla, making Over the Moon Grade-A.

Open Door Brewing Company is one of the finest breweries of Boulder, and there are no two ways about it. They have few but some really amazing beers for all kinds of beer lovers. So, next time when you are looking towards trying a new and different kind of beer then head straight towards Open Door Brewing Company. Better still, bring a friend of two with you so that they can also have a great time!

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