North Center Brewing Co. – Northville, MI

North Center Brewing Co. is an integral part of the Michigan brewing family. It strives to incorporate all things Michigan not only in the beer but in everything that goes into making it and the brewery itself. The staff of NCBC is simply amazing and they all love their work, which shows in the beer.

The interior décor of North Center is warm and inviting – a little rustic/industrial with a modern touch. The beer is simply delicious and solid. They do not have a food menu, which is fine though, because you are allowed to bring in outside food. You can grab a delicious pizza from the Pizza Cutter next door to enjoy with yours beers. Parking is easy, staff is friendly, and the bathrooms are clean. There is seriously nothing else you would want from a decent brewery.

North Center Brewing Co has a variety of beers for you to try on their taps, and they frequently bring new ones too. Their True North Summer Wheat will help you stay the course through Michigan’s best months! Hinted with orange peel for a citrus finish and nice bodied head (HOT!) this will be what refreshes your day. The blueberry pie ale, on the other hand, is packed with blueberry taste that may not remind you of grandma’s blueberry pie, but it’s pretty damn close! Using Victory and Honey malts to create its piecrust flavor and blueberries as the filling, you’ll love this newest addition!

You can but many cool items from the North Center gear store. While the heavy duty men’s blue cotton shirt from Gildan will allow you to proudly display your North Center Brewing Co. pride, the embroidered baseball cap will give you protection from the sun while making you look cool. There are many other clothing items also for women at great prices/

North Center Brewing Co is one of the finest breweries of Michigan, and there are no two ways about it. By carrying an extensive selection of beers they ensure that people with different kinds of tastes and likings are able to find something for themselves in the list. So, next time when you are looking towards trying a new and different kind of beer then head towards North Center Brewing Co. You won’t regret it!

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