North Brewing Company- Halifax, NS

North Brewing Company is all about great beer and an alternative approach to business. To achieve the goal of becoming a completely emissions free brewery they had starting as a tiny micro brewery in the North End of Halifax and started focusing on Belgian inspired beers. North Brewing’s philosophy is to respect tradition while being inventive and not too restrained by strict adherence to style guidelines. They have a clear aim- to make unique beers not reproductions.

At North Brewing they love the neighbourhood! The North End is an exciting and culturally vibrant community that they love to participate in. They have supported many artists who had inspired them and contributed to the launch. Chris Foster did all the logo design work. Sydney Smith worked on the labels, posters, Gus’ logo and other illustrating work. Leigh Dotey is currently helps then in cleaning and filling bottles and serving the customers in the storefront.

There is a variety of beer to try at North Brewing Company. The Farmhouse Ale is a French Farmhouse inspired ale which comes with candied fruit aroma. It has a solid malt character which is balanced out with a refreshing tartness from the yeast. Big and complex this delicious brew will leave you wanting for more. The Strong Dark Belgian Ale is another great beer you can try. It has the flavors of dark chocolate, dark fruit, tart cherry, and spice on the finish. If you can’t get your hands on any of these then you at least must try the Belgian IPA which is centennial and Chinook hops complimented by the spice and citrus character produced by the Belgian yeast strain.  This ale has intense hop character without being overly bitter.

North Brewing Company has certainly brought a pleasant change to the beer scene. Now people can enjoy unique kinds of beers at amazing prices. Whether you are a hardcore beer lover or a casual drinker you are bound to find something for yourself at North Brewing Company. So, go give them a shot next time when you are fancying a beer. And also bring your friend or partner along so that they can also enjoy with you and taste some heavenly beer.


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