Monument City Brewing Co- Owings Mills, MD

Every single beer of Monument City Brewing Co has a story to tell, and each beer has its own flavor and taste. The IPA they have to offer is brewed with 51% rye and has a unique character.  A traditional hardy grain, this unique IPA combines the earthy spice of rye malt with carefully balanced citrus hop notes. On the other hand, Battle is their tribute to the American IPA. Featuring traditional American Cascade, Centennial and Columbus hops, and with large late additions this golden copper IPA has an abundance of floral hop aroma with pine and subtle citrus notes. Also try the classic all-malt American Brown Ale that has a sweet malty backbone with a noticeable but not overpowering hop presence.

Not only the beer but also the tap handles of Monument City Brewery are unique. These tap handles are crafted from first growth Douglas Fir cut over one hundred years ago. The wood was originally purposed to construct mash tanks for the Melville Distillery in Baltimore around 1910. The vessels were then used to hold vinegar starting in the ’50s. They were eventually taken off-line as the company transitioned to stainless steel. As you will observe these tap handles you are bound to find the priceless history value they carry.

You can buy many great things other than quality beer at Monument City Brewing Co. They have quality merchandise for both men and women. They have a variety of tees in premium quality for $25 a piece and pint glasses with their logo that will serve as souvenirs. Other exciting items worth checking out include bottle openers, hats, and growlers, etc.

While Monument City Brewing Co doesn’t has a huge variety of beers to offer to the people, their limited beer list is impressive enough to make up for the limitation. In fact, it is probably because of the fact that they draft only few beers that they are able to focus better on them. However, no matter what kind of beer you prefer or what flavors or tastes you have in mind you are bound to love their beers. This is because they simply don’t make beer, but craft a brew that no beer lover could ever hate. Do give them a shot, and you won’t be disappointed!

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