Microbrasserie La Chouape- Saint-Félicien, Qc

Founded in 2007 by Louis Hébert and his wife Marie-Eve Seguin, after three years planning, training and learning in Europe, La Chouape has today become widely known for the quality of its products and its national and international prizes. Its work takes it into three very different, but complementary spheres: agriculture, brewing and managing a beer bar. And it has rocking all these 3!

All of the La Chouape beers are refermented in the bottle in order to give them natural carbonation. They use the same method as Champagne, save for the fact that they don’t take the yeast out of the bottle after it has done its work. This method, more complex than artificially-carbonated beer, increases the time necessary to making finished beer. But it also brings a unique flavor profile and texture, on top of helping towards the product’s better keeping. Most of these beers they make are available year-round, but they also brew seasonal or occasional creations which allow us to develop new techniques and, of course, to have even more fun.

Every single beer of Microbrasserie La Chouape is distinct in flavor and taste. The Blonde Ale is a delightful brew that invites you to breathe in the fresh cereals, accompanied by subtle fruitiness. Food pairings such as chicken, fish, brie, and lemon pie are excellent for this awesome beer! They also have their signature IPA or India Pale Ale which is pours in golden and develops an exotic floral and fruity bouquet balanced by light sweet notes and honest bitterness. You would want to enjoy this with spicy food, nachos and salsa, blue cheese, or a carrot cake.

Microbrasserie La Chouape also offer some exotic but limited brews and if you are lucky you may get to enjoy one of these. If you get a chance then do try the Legare Triple which is a blonde Belgian style tripel hides ferocious waves of alcohol, fresh bread and ripe fruit in a deceptively light body.

The tasting room of Microbrasserie La Chouape is inspired by the best of living rooms, combining warmth and comfort. A large selection of their beers is available on tap and in bottles, accompanied by snacks perfect to enjoy our weekly events. The setting of the place is apt for friends and families alike and you are bound to have a time of your life here with your loved ones.

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