Melms Brewery- Milwaukee, WI

C.T. Melms was Milwaukee’s first brewer – a man with tenacity, vision and well, genius. Were it not for C.T., Milwaukee might not have become the center of the beer-making industry that it is today. To enjoy C.T. Melms beers is to enjoy and appreciate all that Milwaukee and Wisconsin have to offer – the purist of waters, the finest grown grains, the hard-working people and their quest to really enjoy life and the cities that love a good party! The mission of Melms Brewery is to be a part of your celebrations, your victories, those great times to remember – all in the spirit of camaraderie that C.T. Melms shared with his employees at the end of their hard-earned days.

The beers of Melms Brewery speak for themselves. Their Walker’s Point Wheat is their very first beer that got things rolling for the crew at C.T. Melms. Conceived in the darkest, coldest days of Wisconsin winter by Brewmaster Brian Joas, with an eye on keeping beer lovers refreshed during the hottest, most humid days of Wisconsin summers this brew turned out to be utterly awesome. One sip of it, and you’ll agree – this is not your typical wheat beer. It’s that special something that Brian added that makes Walker’s Point Wheat stand out from the crowd. It’s a great a way to replace those precious fluids lost when the temperature and dew point soar on those dog days of summer. Tasty, and luring this brew is totally loveable!

Czech Mate, or the IPA of Melms is another special brew that you must try. This Czech pilsner is aggressively hopped much like an IPA. High quality Czech ingredients are used to create the typical bready malt base, but with a much higher level hop character provided by unique Czech hops beyond the typical Saaz variety. This combination of hops provides grapefruit character with notes of passionfruit and peach to go along with the traditional floral and spicy character. The use of these rare hops in a Pilsner allow Czech-mate IPL to display a unique hop character in an easy-to-drink beer.

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