Lucky Devil Brewing- Oakland, CA

Lucky Devil is a Belgian inspired brewing company based out of Oakland California, run by Master Brewer Paul Wichelmann. The sole mission of the brewery is to create delicious tasting, high quality beers while utilizing the finest ingredients available to Bay Area brewers. Staying focused upon the art and science of brewing processes is a key priority at Lucky Devil, yet they are not interested in following anyone’s rules except their own. They plan to produce several different styles of beer for an eclectic mix of people in a variety of indulgent drinking situations.

Since Lucky Devil is relatively new in the market they have only one beer on tap currently. The Aleister Abbey is a Belgian style Blonde Abbey brewed according to Belgian traditions. Brewed golden and complex like the sun this brew is refreshing, with delicious caramel malt notes and subtle noble hop undertones. You can enjoy it from sunrise to sunset, midday to midnight, for it is the perfect offering for any occasion. You can also get some food to pair with it and enjoy it even more.

Other than great quality beer Lucky Devil Brewing is also known for its love for parties. Whether it is their anniversary or a beer fest you will find the LDB team enjoying with the other beer lovers. Some time back they participated in the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, where they competed with 1,300 breweries entering a total of 5,700 beers to be judged. The beer hall had 700 booths with 3,500 different beers for sampling! It was massive and LDB rocked! You can see them in the up and coming events too, and it only goes to show how fun they could be.

Lucky Devil Brewing is one of the fewest companies which are committed towards producing the best quality beer for the people. No matter what kind of beer you like you will find something to love about theirs. So, go give them a try and see for yourself why they are rocking the beer scene of CA. Better still, bring some friends of yours with you when you pay them a visit to increase the fun and frolic!

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